Some might call us crazy. Nuts, even.
About Wingnut

Wingnut Digital is a media company based in EL AY, CEE AY. That's Los Angeles, California for the layperson. We help innovators and entrepreneurs accelerate growth and create value for their employees, their businesses and themselves.  We like to roll our sleeves all the way up past our elbows (tantalizing, we know!), design product roadmaps, negotiate pardn'r-ships, round up new users while reigning in stray ones, track down the next round of capital, and tell a few yarns around the campfire enough times that they become part of our story. What the heck does that mean? It mean we never stop pitching. We pitch employees, executives, investors, and partners. But most of all, we pitch ourselves. We look ourselves in the mirror when we're stuck in those low places, those dark times and, hopefully, have a good enough pitch that we're able to convince ourselves that we'll come up on top. We invest some capital, lots of time, and hopefully, enough love to matter. Along the way, we hope we make, if not a difference, something cool.

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